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Habiba 5 - Light Drum Chandelier

Habiba 5 - Light Drum Chandelier

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Romantic and beautiful flower lights, flowers in the depths of dreams, in the most beautiful posture fixed in your room. Realistic romantic ceramic flowers, clear K9 crystal beads, elegant unique design, and warm lighting create a stunning look for your space, creating a romantic and charming atmosphere.


  • Material: This crystal lamp uses high-quality aluminum, iron, and luxurious K9 crystal as raw materials, which is resistant to deformation, oxidation, corrosion, and long service life. Porcelain clay is used as raw material, which is kneaded by hand, dyed with bright glaze, and then fired at high temperatures. Beautiful appearance, health, and environmental protection, colorful, and does not fade.
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    What's Included: Cover

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    Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 2024301220
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